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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How life changes

Life changes so quickly and you just have to sit back and watch. Weston amazes me everyday the things he accomplishes and the challenges he over comes. Weston has caught up so quickly with where his peers are it amazes me and he speaks so clearly. It will be a year in June since he had OT and so he has been doing all of this on his own and what I mean by this is that he is growing like a little boy. He is my adventure, he laughs in the face of danger and challenges it. Which of course scares his mommy to death, I just want to wrap him in a bubble. He loves music and loves to sing. I also loves seeing his letter 'W' for Weston, everywhere we see the letter 'W' he lets us know it.
Weston also loves being a big brother to his new little brother Brenton. He is fascinated with Brenton's eyes and loves to poke them.
I cannot believe that Weston will be 3 in July, this is going by way to fast for me, but I praise God every day that we get to celebrate these little milestones and big birthdays :)

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